9m88 – Beyond Mediocrity (2019)

9m88 - Beyond Mediocrity (2019)
Artist: 9m88
Album: Beyond Mediocrity
Label: Jazz Baby Co. Ltd
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Intro – She is (0:36)
2. 平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity (3:46)
3. 最高品質靜悄悄 Airplane Mode feat. Leo王 (3:23)
4. Aim High (3:44)
5. 浪費時間 Waste of Time (4:13)
6. 廚餘戀人 Leftlovers (3:49)
7. 愛情雨 Love Rain (3:08)
8. 九頭身日奈 Nine Head Hinano (3:54)
9. Inner (1:44)
10. 如果可以 If I could (4:24)


With a unique jazz soul voice, the eccentric 9m88 accumulated a lot of popularity in the independent music circle before the release of its debut album. Her wonderful collaboration with many singers also laid the foundation for her “feat. Queen” The title of the first album, “On the Mean”, witnessed her breaking out and making a proud statement of her own. The album is 9m88’s expectation that it is “a little farther from mediocrity”: “On the top of mediocrity” it may refer to a state of mind beyond a psychological state, or it may be beyond the actual goal of a real life.” From careful to music, but always The 9m88, which was not with him, was finally a 20-year-old singer dream. In the middle of her, she experienced thousands of turns of self-questioning and anxiety, and finally turned into a retro aesthetic with Jazz, R&B and her signature. “Aim High” shows her self-confidence and self-confidence, “When you aimin’ high, I’m aiming higher / I’ll be running fast when you feel tired (other goals are ambitious, I am more ambitious/others tired) In addition, I am still sprinting.” She has always been known for her retro aesthetics, and she also displays a refreshing new voice: “If you can,” the sound of the jazz is the song that best shows her jazz literacy; and the new generation of beatmakers from Taiwan and South Korea.

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