Aimee Nolte – Looking For The Answers (2019)

Aimee Nolte - Looking For The Answers (2019)
Artist: Aimee Nolte
Album: Looking For The Answers
Label: Alpine Field Records
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. The Loveliest Girl (4:15)
2. Looking For The Answers (6:57)
3. Falling Snow (4:57)
4. This One Hurts (4:44)
5. I Gotta Get (4:45)
6. Save Me One Last Time (4:50)
7. Bye Bye Blackbird (Feat. John Clayton) (7:13)
8. All Too Soon (Feat. Mike Scott) (4:51)
9. So In Love (Feat. Mike Scott) (3:41)
10. You Should’ve (4:45)
11. For A While (2:31)


LA Singer and pianist, Aimee Nolte’s new album, “Looking For The Answers”, featuring her quartet (Mike Scott – Guitar, Bruce Lett – Bass, and James Yoshizawa – Drums), is Aimee’s third and most explorative album.

Looking For The Answers – Aimee Nolte The answers Nolte is searching for are easily discovered and possibilities opened up as she made the decision to unbridle herself from the reigns of “jazz” and compose and play whatever moved her deeply.

With solo numbers, driving latin grooves, intimate duets and elements of folk and popular music, Aimee has indeed, found the answers she set out to find, all-the-while, taking the listener with her.

John Clayton Bassist, John Clayton joins Nolte in a mind-blowing duet, dancing a dance of shared improvisation, and intense awareness.

Aimee is not only a talented jazz performer, but she has penned, arranged, and produced most of the new songs from the album. In addition to her original compositions, jazz standards, such as Duke Ellington’s “All Too Soon” and Cole Porter’s “So In Love” add familiarity and a sense of history to the album. You’ll experience exciting, soulful improvisations, beautiful and haunting new melodies, and lyrics that will take you by surprise and remind you of why you love life and music.

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