Alovitiman – Alovitiman II (2019)

Alovitiman - Alovitiman II (2019)
Artist: Alovitiman
Album: Alovitiman II
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Aloviti Theme II
02. Dobrudzanska Zenska Raka
03. Zensko Krsteno
04. Satovcensko Horo
05. Krivo Sadovsko
06. Cekurjankino Horo
07. Cerkezko
08. Radi Le
09. Gankino Horo
10. Rondo Aloviti


Nate G leads this progressive band from Bend, Oregon through a tour of the Balkans with sweeping melodies on flute and saxophone. Steve Miller keeps time in various signatures on drums, delivering driving rhythm. Brian Martin assists on both melody and rhythm by doubling up on electric guitar and bass for this follow-up album.

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