Antonio Monasterio Ensamble – Centro y Periferia (2019)

Antonio Monasterio Ensamble - Centro y Periferia (2019)
Artist: Antonio Monasterio Ensamble
Album: Centro y Periferia
Label: Sello Mescalina
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Azules Makinarias
02. Daichovo Horo
03. Puerto Ácido
04. Calle 2
05. Centro y Periferia
06. Camino a la Planta
07. Recuerdo Geométrico


Project in sextet format, born in 2016 in Valparaíso and aimed at a renewal of the way to approach world music and jazz, from timbres, form and rhythm, a substantial part of this exploration. From the timbre are present instruments such as the Oud (Arabic lute), electric guitar, transposed guitar, bass, drums, soprano sax and a wide repertoire of aerophones of diverse origins, mainly Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The syncretism of musical languages ​​and compositional freedom flood this project seeking to generate a contribution to world music and jazz in our country. The ensemble has among its ranks outstanding musicians from the region and various musical worlds, such as jazz, classical music, fusion, among other genres. At the end of 2016 he made his debut as a band, performing at the festival A ras de Cielo, held in the cultural park of Valparaíso and in the Theater-museum of the puppet and the clown, as well as other concerts in the region. In October of 2017 he recorded his first album entitled “Centro y Periferia” (2018 / Sello Mescalina) and made the first part (Gira Sur) of his first national tour for Angol, Valdivia and Osorno. In 2018, the official launch was made at the Duoc UC Extension Center in Valparaíso, and they are currently preparing for an international tour of Latin America in September and October 2018. The tour will include Colombia, Bolivia and Paraguay, countries in which they are located. invited to various festivals of Jazz and Music of the World. They will also be in Arica where they will be part of the VIII Festival Arica Parinacota Jazz.

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