Baló István Projekt – W69 (Live at Opus Jazz Club) (2019)

Baló István Projekt - W69 (Live at Opus Jazz Club) (2019)
Artist: Baló István Projekt
Album: W69 (Live at Opus Jazz Club)
Label: Hunnia Records
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Sun Greeting – Ceremony
02. Splinters
03. Forstworks
04. Walking in the Mud (The Sky with Stars Above Us)
05. Memories
06. W69


The outstanding drummer, István Baló, one of the most active musicians of his generation in the Hungarian jazz scene, has been a member of the Dresch Quartet, the Nigun and the Miklós Lukács Cimbioli Trio for years. For almost two years he has created his own band, and since then he has released a record for István Baló Project, and soon he also founded another team with a very different musical world: the W69. This time, the foursome presents his new program, Air, on the stage of Opus.

“W69 basically plays rock music, but it also uses the possibilities, sound effects and technical possibilities of all other genres as needed. Not only with his music, but also with his name referring to the legendary Woodstock festival, the band deliberately refers to the years when the youth of the world had such fertile power that brought about changes in culture, behavior, thinking, emotion, world view and everyday life. which have been transformed, questioned many of the values ​​that were accepted so far. The effect of the ’69s’ is still present – we are trying to find, revive and pass on the strength, momentum and strength of their spirituality, “rebellious” and at the same time to improve, that we accept and understand that we are people. we are, if not the same, ”István Baló formulated the W69 Rock quartet ars poetic.

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