Chris Stanley – Torii (2019)

Chris Stanley - Torii (2019)
Artist: Chris Stanley
Album: Torii
Label: Stanleysounds
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Torii
02. Familia.Rity
03. Stairs
04. Wildflowers
05. Helianthus
06. Forward
07. Inman Park
08. Jinja


A Torii is the symbol of a transition from the ordinary to the sacred. In order to move forward, a purification of what lies behind you must be done. Your journey towards the answers you seek start with acknowledging and paying respect to the gate that shows the path.

While a Torii is a physical structure, it can be anything that symbolizes what you view as the beginning of a transition. Life itself, for instance, is just that. Chris Stanley uses his affinity for sampling, audio engineering, and his warm sound on Trumpet/Flugelhorn to bring you to his mental space. An area where transition and growth are not only acknowledged, but welcomed with open arms.

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