Daniel Zimmermann – Dichotomie’s (2019)

Daniel Zimmermann - Dichotomie's (2019)
Artist: Daniel Zimmermann
Album: Dichotomie’s
Label: Label Bleu
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. The Butter & the Money
02. Little Sun
03. Les moutons de panurge
04. Vieux robot
05. Eclipse
06. Summer in Barrancoueu
07. Volatiles
08. Toad Buffalo Courtship Dance
09. Le monde d’après


And if existence was only an endless series of binary choices to be made between two paths, like a gigantic electric circuit? And if music and jazz were not made only of monolithic blocks, that our shares of lightness and shadow could coexist in the same entity, the spirit of the game passing labels to the mill to obtain a bubbling mixture and pleasing?

Continuing his journey on the fringes of codes and conventions, Daniel Zimmermann puts aside the pop songs of his “Roller Coasters” for a more experimental training, with unpublished instrumentation, which brings together three beautiful encounters and strong heads of the world of improvised music.

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