Ernesto Aurignac Trío – Ernesto Aurignac Trío Plays Standards Vol. 1 (2019)

Ernesto Aurignac Trío - Ernesto Aurignac Trío Plays Standards Vol. 1 (2019)
Artist: Ernesto Aurignac Trío
Album: Ernesto Aurignac Trío Plays Standards Vol. 1
Label: Blue Asteroid Records
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. On Green Dolphin Street
02. Barbados
03. Body and Soul
04. Long Ago and Far Away
05. Struttin´ with Some Barbecue
06. You Don’t Know What Love is
07. Night and Day
08. The Girl from Ipanema
09. I Want to Talk About You
10. Just Friends


It is surprising that a musician takes off with a work as complex and vibrant as the DVD concert Ernestro Aurignac Orchestra live in Malaga Jazz Festival (2014) or the galactic Anunnakis (2015), so surprising that, after such original works, we regale a humble homage (any homage must be humble) to the standards that have inspired him. We had already heard Ernesto Aurignac in his concert Charlie Parker with strings and it is true that the name of his orchestra (UNO) has gillespian reminiscences, but standards or not, what we expect from this saxophonist are surprises, originality, and with these expectations we have listened to their last album, Plays Standards Vol. 1 (Blue Asteroid Records, 2017).

It is not surprising, of course, to find the same perfectionism, the same eagerness for the complex and the subtle in this Standards as in their own compositions but, as is natural, there is a leap from playing with an orchestra to becoming a trio. Despite this, Aurignac seems to feel comfortable playing without a harmonic instrument. Pedro Campos on contrabass and Santi Colomer on drums are his companions, a trio without a piano where the risk is silence. According to Aurignac, “a simple, easy to listen and dynamic disc” where nothing was thought, a matter of arriving at the studio and asking: What do we play? It’s that simple in the album’s script. The result is easy to hear and serves to confirm the versatility of this saxophonist, beyond his work as a composer.

The ghost of Charlie Parker flies over the disc and it is noted that he is one of Aurignac’s idols, although in his style other influences are perceived because he, unlike Parker, has a later historical perspective. But what is interesting about these standards? Here, Parker does not sound just like Parker: he has something of the malagueño. more nuances … and less anger (if we except the fast-paced “On Green Dolphin Street”). Instead, the version of “Just Friends” sounds on the saxophone of Aurignac much more Bird than the one we heard by Parker himself recorded with strings.

Reviewed all the setlist, we find in general a complex bebop but without useless shrillness, the bop that would have made (perhaps) Bird if it had evolved beyond the frenzy of youth and drugs: the “Night anda Day” that appears in this album is maybe the most bop I’ve heard and I could continue to shred the album but I’m left with “Struttin ‘With Some Barbecue”, Louis Armstrong’s classic, which becomes an elegant melody here, closer to the West Coast than the bebop , almost dance, without losing its Neolibean reminiscences.

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