François Poitou – Le sec et la lune (2019)

François Poitou - Le sec et la lune (2019)
Artist: François Poitou
Album: Le sec et la lune
Label: Yovo Music
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Hier aujourd’hui et demain
02. Le sec et la lune
03. Intuition
04. Layem (feat. Emel Mathlouthi)
05. Le silence de la rue
06. Discussion
07. La danse du poulpe
08. Five Steps
09. Le malentendu #1
10. Le malentendu #2


The meeting of a string quartet with a jazz trio may seem surprising to the iconoclast and the average listener … Yet it is the alchemy that takes place with the musicians in the presence around the composer François Poitou contrabassist. An artist with undeniable talent of brilliant alchemist, and who is not at his first attempt in terms of musical creation since he has already released a first opus called “Funambule” on May 26, 2017. Just like a tightrope walker, François Poitou advances on the wire of the creative genius, with under him nothing less than sharp and murderous critics who would not fail to point out a misstep … which can prove fatal for a tightrope walker. But François Poitou is of the race of lords, of those who dare and face the difficulties of the original creation. And he moves on, like a tightrope walker sure of his art. Between heaven and earth, closer to heaven than these artists more fearful than creative.

Nine compositions by François Poitou on this disc superbly performed by Bastien Ribot on violin, Aude-Marier Duperret on violin, Maxime Berton on clarinet and soprano saxophone, Frederico Casagrande on guitar and Emel Mathlouthi, who also composed the tenth title “Layem” on which she sings marvelously well!

The musician composer who has accompanied many singers and musicians is also an arranger for other artists, for the theater and for television shows. It is undoubtedly this versatility that explains the originality of his compositions on horseback between several universes and several styles of music, between the chamber music and the modern Jazz, that of yesterday and that of today. It is perhaps also this same diversity of achievements that also plunges us into an almost cinematic universe and that of film music. Regarding François Poitou some talked about “music planante” … but I prefer rather to evoke here an aerial music, somewhere between heaven and earth, the music of a tightrope walker who touches the sublime and in which remains, certainly, the notion of ” trip “, but with so much lightness that one feels as if worn by a cloud of cotton with angel wings! An incredibly beautiful album, of exceptional sensitivity, an unforgettable album.

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