George Freeman – George the Bomb! (2019)

George Freeman - George the Bomb! (2019)
Artist: George Freeman
Album: George the Bomb!
Label: Southport Records
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. George the Bomb!
02. Gorgeous George
03. Where’s the Cornbread?
04. Tonto
05. Help Me
06. Uncle Funky
07. The Music Goes Round and Around
08. Cha Cha Blue
09. Home Grown Tomatoes
10. Intimate
11. Al Carter-Bey


Guitarist George Freeman turns up the volume in his Chicago living room as he listens to “George The Bomb!” and he is smiling. He was born April 10, 1927. He remembers a time when Charlie Parker wouldn’t go onstage without him. He is one of the few remaining living musicians who recorded with Bird (“An Evening In Chicago” Savoy, 1950). The music of George Freeman is not restricted to swing, blues, bop, rock or modern because George has been a living part of all of these eras.

On track #1, “George The Bomb!” three time Grammy nominee and harp master Billy Branch sends out a sound that explodes! His sly way of comping on the title track gets the groove rocking and rolling. The surprise here is when Freeman breaks into a full vocal scat! Is it jazz or is it blues? Who cares, it’s hot! On track #3, “Where’s The Cornbread?” George and Billy have a fun ride with their vocal conversation… “Hey Billy!” – “Yes, George…” To hear Billy Branch sing the blues on “Help Me”, track #5, while showcasing his authentic blues harp alongside Freeman’s searing guitar is their breakout culmination!

John Devlin’s accordion creates a lush canvas on track #2, “Gorgeous George” – a masterful composition from Freeman. Could this be a new “Steppers” song, with it’s smooth groove? Drummer Luiz Ewerling adds the right spice with his percussion.

The entire recording was a joyful collaboration! Pianist Bradley Parker-Sparrow opens track #4, “Tonto” with a moody swing groove, while Freeman delivers a strong and happy scat! Track #9, “Home Grown Tomatoes” features a vocal bluesy duet between Freeman and vocalist Joanie Pallatto. Freeman penned track #11, “Al Carter-Bey” for his lifelong friend and radio impresario.

George Freeman is a living legend and has toured and/or recorded with musical legends from Charlie Parker to Lester Young, Johnny Griffin, Richard “Groove” Holmes, Gene Ammons, to Dinah Washington, along with his brothers Von Freeman and Bruz Freeman and his nephew Chico Freeman.

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