HI5 – Attack Decay Sustain Release (2019)

HI5 - Attack Decay Sustain Release (2019)
Artist: HI5
Album: Attack Decay Sustain Release
Label: Session Work Records
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. M 6:16
2. Aurora 6:09
3. EKG 5:37
4. Down Anda 3:57
5. All In 4:24
6. Bach 5:33
7. Tangled 3:34
8. Brooke Greenberg 6:15
9. The End 4:24


Chris Norz – Drums
Philipp Ossanna – Guitar
Matthias Legner – Vibraphone
Clemens Rofner – Bass

Drums, guitars, vibes, and bass are all HI5 to casually, playfully and creatively break down genre boundaries. A jazz band that spends a lot of time rehearsing in the rehearsal room to work out their sophisticated arrangements, only to be surprised at live concerts by the fact that you’re always playing free and maintaining a lightness that does not detract from the hard work behind it lets recognize: You do not hear something like that every day. Listening is both pleasure and adventure.

What you get to hear when you listen to their current CD “FIVE” is truly not common or even trivial. The band describes their music in the terms “Minimal Jazz Chamber Music”, opening up a wealth of playful and intellectual possibilities.

With the means and possibilities of jazz to lend music the necessary freedom, to develop material in a free-spirited way, and to have it, if necessary, to be meandered, there is an extraordinary conceptual bridge to “chamber music”. This sets a track in the direction of complexity, compositional sophistication and complexity. Minimal is this music is not really, but it insists, persists and can be at some points to repetition. The music of HI5 is not sprawling, but logical and consistent in development and development – full of successful game and mental performance.

This singular connection of these otherwise mostly repulsive poles provides for storms of enthusiasm, which are accompanied by prices, such as the 2012 Joe Zawinul Prize, 1st place at the Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2013 and the 2013 Jimmy Woode European Jazz Award.

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