Patrice Heral – O Solo Mio (2017)

Patrice Heral - O Solo Mio (2017)
Artist: Patrice Heral
Album: O Solo Mio
Label: SKYLARK production
Year Of Release: 2017
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Le retour des Romainsmichel
02. The Second Piece
03. Relaxtaman
04. Moone, Moone… For rêveur
05. O solo mio
06. All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy
07. Platt Plumber
08. A Remark You Never Dare To Make
09. Dschidschida
10. Parti doAlto, maigre revenu enveloppé!
11. The Fourth Piece
12. Ejahwerden ma immer Oïda Oïda
13. Wo sa ma io
14. Nessoo no? Si!
15. I Wanna Say Ta Ghe Dhin Na
16. The Dark Side Of Plic Plac Ploc Kingdom


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