Rahu the Fool – Rahu The Fool (2019)

Rahu the Fool - Rahu The Fool (2019)
Artist: Rahu the Fool
Album: Rahu the Fool
Label: Nordic Notes
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Rag, Mama, Rag (2:43)
02. Šņāci Minnā (3:11)
03. Mīļākā (4:28)
04. Seagull’s Meat (2:22)
05. Oh, Long River (3:15)
06. Bagāts Un Nabags (2:58)
07. Švilpastīte (4:13)
08. Move That Thing (3:51)
09. Reefer Song (2:47)
10. Sāremā (3:46)
11. Jūrnieku Dziesma (2:16)
12. Haul on the Bowline (1:37)
13. Stepe (5:41)
14. Tumšā Naktī (2:49)


“Rahu The Fool” is a musical band, performing songs inspired by grandfathers’ stories of love and war, of the vast seas and countryside meadows, as well as other things long forgotten — life in the old times and the bright moments of the present affairs.

In terms of music, the ensemble tries not to stick upon a certain cliché. Yet for the customs and to label things fair, their music can be classified as traditional jazz, with sparkles of jug-band, folk, bluegrass and world music.

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