The Pen Club – Data Retrieval (2019)

The Pen Club - Data Retrieval (2019)
Artist: The Pen Club
Album: Data Retrieval
Label: Eupcaccia Records
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Pen 1 (1:29)
2. Agitated (9:12)
3. Still Struggle (6:58)
4. Pen 2 / Glitch (8:43)
5. Pen 3 (1:45)
6. Elastic Band (6:02)
7. Buried Metal (8:31)
8. 60 (9:40)
9. Slow Resolve (9:37)


Data Retrieval is the debut release from The Pen Club, a band featuring Jack Stoneham (alto saxophone), Felix Bornholdt (piano) and Ashley Stoneham (drums). The music of Data Retrieval is the result of a shared improvisational language between the members of the band, developed through years of practicing and playing together. Long-form free improvisation is punctured sporadically by pre-composed, rhythmic loops in a location and order that is also improvised. The music of Data Retrieval is macro structure emerging from micro, stream of conscious improvisation.

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