Tristan Mélia Trio – No Problem (2019)

Tristan Mélia Trio - No Problem (2019)
Artist: Tristan Mélia Trio
Album: No Problem
Label: Jazz Family
Year Of Release: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. No Problem
02. Too Young to Go Steady
03. Just a Memory
04. P.P.P
05. Dernier Espoir
06. Why Not Blues
07. C Minor
08. Maybe September
09. La valse du clown triste
10. Le bois de Pont-Aven
11. That’s What Friends Are For
12. Rêve en sol mineur


The problem, precisely, with the formula of the piano / bass / drums trio is the trio! It is not so easy to constitute a real trio, that is to say to find three musicians who, at the same time, invent a music (even if it is that of standards) and are at the same time an original formation and whose agreement, the balance is at all times.

It’s a bit like Tristan Mélia had started a challenge by starting the game with the theme of Duke Jordan “No Problem” (Jazz Family CDZ Music) and making it the title of his first recording.

From what he calls his “first step” it must be said immediately that he is very successful. But this formulation, it must also be admitted, is much inferior to what must be said of the clarity which springs forth, arises or simply appears in a kind of pure serenity of each moment of this recording.

We will not find here a radical, new, revolutionary musical invention. But we will feel a thousand emotions, a thousand flavors, a thousand perfumes, a thousand sensations. One will be oneself as called by the beauty, the quality of the sound, the intelligence of the thought which animates from end to end the music which Tristan Mélia offers us with Thomas Bramerie (b) and Cedrick Bec (dm).

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